Erin Dyer, Ph.D.
Thoughts on Conflict Resolution, Transformative Mediation & the Middle East

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My major research interest is derived from my doctoral work: a mesh between broad conflict resolution, transformative mediation, and indigenous models of the Middle East. In The Promise in Palestine? Examining the Applicability of the Transformative Framework in a non-Western Context, I investigated whether transformative mediation, which was developed in an American context, had merits outside of a Western ideological setting. My field research brought me to Bethlehem, in the occupied Palestinian territory, where I spoke with mediators and arbitrators who resolve conflicts within the community - anything from drugs or domestic violence, to theft or murder. 


View of the Old City of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives

This evolved out of my interest in Transformative Mediation, which I studied as an undergraduate at Temple University under Dr. Joseph Folger. I became involved with the CERT program at Temple, providing individual conflict coaching, mediation, workshops and group faciliation to students and groups in the community.


Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

My involvement in conflict resolution and interest in Northern Ireland convinced me to travel abroad to study peace and conflict of the Troubles at the University of Ulster in Derry and in Belfast. I quickly discovered my interest in peace studies and broadening my study of conflict to an international level.


Loyalist Mural East Belfast
Free Derry Mural, Derry

I undertook a M.Phil in International Peace Studies at the Irish School of Ecumenics, Trinity College Dublin, concentrating on mediation and mediator ideology. That year provided a foundation for me to return to TCD later for my doctorate. 


Trinity College Dublin

Through my experiences in Bethlehem, I keep an eye on Middle East affairs, in particular Israel and Palestine, but also the surrounding countries. Egypt's uncertain future, ongoing turmoil in Syria, the transition into autonomy for Iraq, the potential liberalization of Saudi Arabia, and the additional refugee burdons upon Jordan are some of the key topics that I have a keen interest in. 


I keep a blog,, which documents my experiences in the Middle East, and especially those of Bethlehem. Beginning in May 2008, I chronicled my journey through Egypt, Jordan, Israel and Palestine as a novice traveller. By 2009, I was journaling my experiences through my field research. After graduating from TCD with my Ph.D. in 2011, I returned to coordinate Palestine Summer Encounter as a Lucius Battle Peace Fellow. Through my blog, there are links to other resources and YouTube clips from the summer program. 

I have completed a draft of a journal article for Quest: Journal for Contemporary Jewish History titled "Hope Through Steadfastness: The Journey of Holy Land Trust", discussing the efforts of the Palestinian Nonviolence movement, and in particular Holy Land Trust in Bethlehem. Once this is in publishable format, I will provide a link to it. I am presenting at the Association for Conflict Resolution Annual Conference on Mobilizing Nonviolence: The Journey of Holy Land Trust in September in New Orleans. 




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